the minstrel

I ordered an unfinished Kromski Minstrel after Fibres West back in March. It arrived through Canada Post in early April — it has taken me over two months to put it together and get it working. Part of the reason for the major delay was waiting for stain to dry – I chose an oak stain which is my favourite wood. Although there isn’t a lot of grain in the wood, the stain is still beautiful. The oak is more interesting than the clear stain (my original choice) as it has a beautiful golden finish.
M. and I put it together tonight – which was interesting as I have only spun on wheels completely assembled, M. has no understanding of spinning wheels, and I don’t really understand the tensioning systems (yet). Needless to say – the wheel doesn’t have the Scotch tension set up yet.

However, once I got the hang of playing with the tensioning screw, the wheel started spinning like a dream. Gorgeous. Except now I need to go buy some roving …
I think patience paid off with this one. I am one happy knitter-turned-spinner!

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  1. Ooh, pretty.

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