Hark the Romni, evermore.

We just spent a little over a week in Toronto. While M. was working, I walked the streets of the city with my good friend, Sam. Since we are both knitters, our first stop was Romni Wools (per usual). For those who don't frequent Toronto or know the city, Queen Street is the centre of… Continue reading Hark the Romni, evermore.

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unfinished and ready to start

To attempt to cure my "finishitis", I have been working on one project at a time (even though I still have three projects on the needles - I am trying to focus). The project I am currently trying to finish - and will do so tonight - is the Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. It's… Continue reading unfinished and ready to start


o w l s v2.0

Somehow, someway, I end up knitting things twice. Often it's because I change my mind about the yarn half-way through, I realize my gauge isn't as bang-on as I thought, or I just plain-don't-like-it.Owls by Kate Davies befell the same fate. I decided to re-knit this fabulous pattern with some modifications {please find all of… Continue reading o w l s v2.0