Hark the Romni, evermore.

We just spent a little over a week in Toronto. While M. was working, I walked the streets of the city with my good friend, Sam. Since we are both knitters, our first stop was Romni Wools (per usual). For those who don’t frequent Toronto or know the city, Queen Street is the centre of the “craft” world. There is anything from beading & jewellery, fabric (sewing machine shops too), tattooing, yarn, ceramics … the list goes on … and on. But the basement of Romni is infamous!
At the beginning of the year, I made a resolution with myself not to have a stash. It’s kind of working. But my rule is that everything I buy must have a project in mind at the time of buying. If I see something and can’t think of something to knit with it immediately – it’s not bought. I have been on a lace kick lately and when I found these little 50g balls of yarn (and the colours — oh the colours!) stashed deep in the basement of Romni, I think I swooned.
The little plastic bags covering the yarn may not look like much but when you unwrap them …
They are like little balls of silk! But they trick you – it’s cotton. I know. Amazing. I have been eyeing the Druid Mittens from Vogue Knitting Fall 2008. Some discontinued Rowan rowanspun 4-ply was tucked away in one of the bins so I grabbed some of this $4.25 with a 20% discount goodness also:
It’s not the looks-like-silk-feels-like-silk-but-it’s-cotton-beauty from above, but I love the tweed-y, home-y goodness that a neutral gray brings.
So while it was pouring rain and cool in Toronto, we are now home in the sweltering heat of Vancouver! No sweater knitting for a while me thinks.
ps. The title for this blog was not ‘invented’ by me – it is courtesy of Franklin Habit‘s submission to an episode of Cast-On a couple of years ago.

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  1. Awesome! that you found a swooning moment in Romni's basement … never thought that I'd miss Toronto for Romni Wools … lol

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