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Although it’s been quiet from me for the past couple of weeks, I have actually been quite a busy little knitter. Things have been coming together – however slowly and however many times I need to re-do things. I have been working on the adult Pinwheel Sweater with some Cascade 220 that was lying around with no project to call home. It was meant to be the Tilted Duster by Norah Gaughan but it was ill-fated. I love the Tilted Duster pattern but unfortunately it didn’t love me. I knit a too-small size but I think eventually I may re-knit this. In the meantime, the heathered-grey (colourway 8401) is being knit into a circular sweater that I am loving.

The pattern is written for the increases to be yarn-overs and to change colours every 18th row. I like the look of just make-one along the back like this one, so I decided to keep it “solid” as well. I also scrapped the colour changes – too crazy for my neutral lovin’ wardrobe! The garter stitch rows around the edge look great – I actually can’t wait to block it out gently because I love the look of ever-so-slightly stretched garter. It looks so crisp!
I am working up the sleeves right now (use the afterthought heel method found here) but as the sweater is now quite bulky and no so good for bus knitting, I have cast on for the Interweave Knits Fall 2009 ohmygoodnessIhavetoknityou cardigan. More on that to come! We are heading down the Oregon coast for a week so this will be my roadtrip sweater. I am also working away on the Triangle Lace Shawl by Karen Joan Raz that was in Knit.1 this past Fall/Winter 2008. It’s slow and I have to be at a table when I am adding the beads: Not so good for planes, trains or automobiles as I found out when we went to Toronto in July. Needless to say, I try to do a repeat/week and it is slowly growing!
Lastly, I am very excited that before we go to Oregon, Mom and I are going to the Gibson’s Fibre Festival. I have never been to the festival – I have been told it’s quite awesome. We are going to head over on Thursday to miss the Friday/Weekend rush on the ferry. Can’t wait!

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