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I am amazed. Two blog posts in one month! I wrote last week that I hadn’t been doing any knitting. School has in fact taken over my life but I have managed to pick up the needles since then and have *magically* finished some things. While we were on the phone with my parents-in-law last week, I finished the *tedious* task of adding the fringe to an amazingly amazing scarf. I actually hesitate to call it a scarf because it’s more of a monster.

It’s also crochet:


When we were in Anacortes, WA, back in June, I found a book by Schachenmayr Nomotta that I had never heard of before but the patterns – oh, the patterns! It’s the first time I have picked up a booklet (other than made in Brooklyn) that I have liked each and every pattern.


The yarn that I used when *meant* to use up the rest of the Cascade Ecological left over from my owls sweater; however, I frogged it due to fit and had already started another one in another colour of yarn. Needless to say, I still have 1.5 hanks of Eco left. I actually have plans for it since there is so much left – I am thinking about a cowl or Bella’s Mittens. We shall see.

Back to this scarf. The design number is 6524 for those wanting to look for it. A friend at knitting group who taught me how to crochet this said it’s a kind of shell pattern. All I know is, it was the perfect first crochet project because I had to learn to read a chart, count my stitches and it wasn’t boring! Every row is different – AND right when I was getting the hang of it, it was over! I am definitely going to make another one at some point but in a colour rather than a natural for contrast with this one. It is 99” in length with the 12” fringe (6” either side). I am 63” tall so that gives you some perspective on the length of this monster. It’s pretty rad though, huh?

ps. My boots are an early Christmas present from dear hubby from Aldo.

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  1. Oh wow – it's a-ma-zing. Love it! Well done.

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