strike a pose! that’s VOGUE!

Oh 80’s music. How I miss you and your synthesized wonderfulness. But then we still have Vogue Knitting so that’s a bonus. I have to admit, I don’t generally knit a lot out of Vogue and the few things I have, I was left wishing the magazine came with a 360 degree picture to show you *exactly* what the finished object looks like – complete with the model standing in a *normal* position. But we can’t have everything, can we? No.


But then there is genius in those pages. Sometimes there’s just plain amazing-ness. MMM, yes, designers like Cathy Carron grace their pages and you think, Wow. The #12 Cabled Cowl is what I am talking about. I don’t know why I like it so much – I just do. Cathy actually has a couple of patterns in this issue of Vogue Holiday 2009 but the cabled cowl had me speechless. So naturally, I had to knit it!


I had Cascade 220 Heathers left over from the 2009 Boxing Day sale at Three Bags Full here in Vancouver, BC. I had only bought 2 hanks of the yarn, thinking I would knit a vest but I never did and subsequently I used some of the yarn for the Give A Hoot mittens. I ended up needing a fourth of a third hank of the yarn (so much for using things up) to finish the cowl, but I love it, so I don’t mind! The colourway of this particular Heathers is 9410. It’s actually quite grey when knit up, rather than a green. The photos are pretty bang on for the colour, they’re not washed out or over-exposed.


I knit this on 5.5mm circulars. I didn’t change needle sizes for the ribbing – mostly out of laziness. The measurements match the pattern exactly, which amazed me. It’s an interesting pattern in that it changes enough that it keeps you interested and just when you are thinking you don’t want to do it anymore, it’s over! Love it! This will definitely be a permanent addition to my winter jacket this year, especially when we are in Toronto and Ottawa at New Years.

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  1. It's very pretty, well done!

  2. I love it! I agree with your thoughts on Vogue. This is definitely a winner though!

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