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There are so many things that I want to share but I haven’t because I really want this blog to remain my knitting blog. Part of the reason that I abandoned my last blog was because there were things there that were not knitting (and spinning). Upon reflection, I wanted to create a place that I could come just to share knitting and spinning projects. I have ended up suppressing a lot of my ideas because while I like that some people are able to fuse their inspiration and ideas, therefore, creating blogs that encompass more that one thing, I unfortunately can not. For whatever reason, I can not.

Therefore, with much thought and trepidation, I have decided to start a photo journal that I have been wanting to do for a while. It will share my thoughts, ideas and inspirations that may or may not have to do with knitting and spinning but are the things that I come across in daily life that give give me ideas, thoughts, or just plain inspiration and renewal. So, without further adieu:

This will be my place of inspiration and ongoing creativity, while here, welford p u r l s, will remain my place to dissect and discuss my projects. I am very happy with my decision and will start referencing one and the other, which is the balance I have been trying to strike for a long time.

Thank you for you support and patience as I find my way through blogging, knitting, spinning and general creativity!

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  1. I, like you, always feel a very strong need to keep things seperate. My current blog is a huge mish-mash (with a lot of privacy-filtered content) and I do miss the days of my knitting-only blog. I just don't produce enough knitting in general to warrant a blog! But you make a good point here about just starting a blog for "creativity" which could encompass so many activities while keeping it devoid of really petty or personal content… I think that would be nice. Hmm… you've got me thinking.Looking forward to reading the new one! I have it bookmarked already.Katy

  2. ps – I should add that I also keep a tumblr for similar reasons, although I use it more as a dumping ground for things that inspire me or get me thinking (quotes, photos, etc)… but I've let it slide as of late. I'll follow you there :)

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