For my birthday in June, dear hubby bought me some roving from FreckleFaceFibers in California. I love her roving so much but since I hadn’t been able to get my wheel working the way I wanted it to be working, I had put the fibre on hold. Now that I figured out what was wrong, and the wheel is spinning like a dream, I decided to delve into the Safari colourway:

Frecklefacefibers Safari 3

The roving is beautiful to work with. For a first-time, beginning spinner, once I got going, it was not daunting but very very enjoyable. I am very happy with the 2-ply results:


Once I washed and measured, the finished results:


I have a plan for this yarn – the Mitered Mittens by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I have about 26 yards and I purposely spun worsted/aran weight to get the right weight (although I can play with needles to get the right gauge or do some math). Knitting with this yarn is going to be awesome – I can’t wait. So, as soon as I am finished a sweater that is currently on the needles, these mitts are next! 


Sorry for the dark photos. We had our first snowfall yesterday here in Vancouver (very odd) and I didn’t want to go outside to photograph the yarn like I would normally. I have about 6 projects on the dinning room table blocking and waiting to be wrapped for Christmas and I am finishing up one last gift for my father-in-law. Then Christmas knitting is f-i-n-i-s-h-e-d! Hope you are doing well with yours!


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