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I always said I would never have a stash. I was so naive. I will always have a stash. However, that doesn’t mean I will let it fester and grow. I have been making a real effort to knit through most of my project-quantity stash and use stuff up this Fall. I had originally said I wouldn’t buy anything till it was all gone but that didn’t happen. I did, however, manage to use up some more Cascade 220 with this wonderful, simple and effective toque: Piper by Christa Giles.

Piper - finished

There isn’t much to say about it although I was a little worried about the drape while I was knitting as I had seen some that unfortunately hadn’t worked out. The reason this bothered me is because the few people who’s toques I had seen that hadn’t worked were people that usually get good results – so I was bothered! I had swatched for Cascade on 5.00mm months ago and knew that I was at gauge so I didn’t bother doing another swatch, I just cast on for the 20” toque. I will definitely make this pattern again. It was so fast.

Piper - finished 2

Something that I am adding to my list of “Things to do in the New Year” is learning how to do nice short rows when knitting in the round. There are some online tutorials and I know Knitty has done some articles. That is something I would like to perfect because this is three projects now that I am satisfied but not happy with the short rows in the round. Back-and-forth – No Problem. Circular – not so much.


So I now have two toques for this winter and I am stoked! The colourways for the Cascade 220 are: Cascade 220 Heathers 2441 (tan) and Cascade 220 Wool 9404 (red). I used about 0.5 a skein of the tan and about 0.2 of the red. Go go stash-busting!


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