a leap of faith.

Learning how to knit has opened up a whole new world of creations, people and expression. Part of my love for ravelry is that at any given moment we can peruse through the millions of galleries of projects and find inspiration in other people’s finished creations. I have long wanted to knit an Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater, namely the seamless yoke out of Knitting Without Tears. Cruising through the projects pages of the EPS sweater I found this sweater. Immediately I thought, I have to knit something like that. 

EPS Sweater by EZ

This is the body thus far. The sleeves are finished and waiting to be added to the body (after 1.75” more of knitting, which I hope to complete tonight). I will type up my notes at some point but I would like to finish the cardigan prior to sharing them. I am knitting back-and-forth rather than steeking mostly because I am having difficulty with my right wrist and need to rest it with alternating knit and purl rows rather than all of one or the other. I am knitting on 3.00mm circulars and knit the sleeves on three 3.00mm DPNs. I will share more when I am a little further along! Wish me luck as this is my first sweater that I am “designing” on my own. . .


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  1. Wow! You're making such great progress on it! I can't wait to see it in person again.

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