Looking back on 2009. Looking forward to 2010.

Things from 2009:

  1. Swatching. This was the single most important knitting lesson that I learned this year. If you want results, you have to swatch.
  2. Washing. Once you swatch, wash the poor little thing to see how the yarn acts, reacts, and looks. You might love the un-washed goods and hate the washed goods – or, even better: hate the un-washed and LOVE the washed good. You won’t know until you wash the poor little sucker!
  3. I dislike knitting with anything thicker than Aran for any length of time. My poor hands can not handle it – they hurt, are sore and become inflamed. Stupid ganglion.
  4. I love love love my Knit Picks interchangeables. Best investment ever.
  5. Favourite yarn? Zauberball. Because it’s fun to say.
  6. O W L S was my favourite project this yarn.
  7. Mittens are fun. And quick.

Things for 2010:

  1. Stranded knitting. I have played with colour-work swatches but I have by no means mastered it and would like to feel more confident in these endeavours.
  2. Short rows and wrapped stitches in the round. I know there is a technique out there that looks good when you knit the wrap together with the stitch while knitting in the round.
  3. Finish the EPS sweater – all million miles of St st of it!
  4. Knit my own designs. As my knitting confidence grows, it’s so exciting to be knitting my own creations.
  5. Try a larger variety of yarns. I have been terrible about buying the same yarn and knitting with it rather than branching out and trying other things.
  6. Spin more. Placing my wheel out in the living room has helped immensely with spinning more frequently and I want to make a concerted effort to continue to practice and enjoy it!
  7. Continue to love love love knitting, fibre, spinning and everything else textile related!

Happy New Year! I wish you and yours health and happiness in the coming year!


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  1. Yes but the EPS sweater is beautiful! Makes all the st st worth it.

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