acorns? walnuts? chestnuts? nuts nuts nuts.

We are still in Toronto. There is nothing really much to report. It’s very cold here and the wind chill is making it even colder. We hopped onto a streetcar to get down Queen Street East yesterday and visited The Purple Purl. It was a pleasure. One of the women from Knitting Group had recommended I check it out since we were going to be in the neighbourhood anyways and to look at some of the local dyers’ work that is featured in the store. Tanis Fiber Arts is a Canadian dyer from Ontario that does handpainted yarn and roving. I had never heard of her before going into the shop but I am so glad that I saw her yarn and asked about the company. Impressively (as it took an incredible amount of willpower), I walked out with only one purchase:


In the colourway chestnut, the roving is 100g of superwash merino and I have to admit, I fell in love with the colourway the moment I saw it. In love. Tanis is obviously incredibly talented and I am really looking forward to getting home and spinning! Since we had time, we also spent some time in Romni Wools and The Knit Cafe but I am sorry to say, I did not buy much of anything. One of my New Years Resolutions is to continue to work on de-stashing. I am still working to only buy yarn for specific projects, which has been working thus far. I am going to continue because even though I am so tempted by the beautiful yarns on the shelves, the likelihood of ever actually knitting through all this “stuff” is low. Therefore, I leave the gorgeous yarn to others who may actually knit it up into something amazing :)


p.s. Sorry for the somewhat crappy photo – I am in my parents-in-law’s spare bedroom with less-than-optimum lighting and a flash that is not cooperating! Goodnight everyone :)

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  1. Oh! I'm trying to destash for as long as I can as well! Good job with the restraint in a new yarn store. I don't know how I'd walk out of there without that roving either and I don't even have a working spindle right now!

  2. I love Tanis' chestnut colourway! I haven't tried her roving but I may have to make a trip to The Purple Purl myself!

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