Closing Ceremonies.

The Olympics are officially coming to an end. Canada has won more Gold medals than ever before. The Canadian Women’s Hockey team made me cry when Wickenheiser received her medal. It’s been an emotional and exciting two weeks. I am so glad it’s almost at a close so that the 2010 Paralympic Games can begin….

Year One.

I started blogging here on February 20, 2009. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year already. Thank you to my readers and to those who leave comments. I really appreciate the readership. At the beginning of the year, I was a self-proclaimed non-blogger after poorly maintaining my original blog but I have come…

it’s official. it’s here.

Our city has been invaded. The torch is light. The athletes are here. The Auzzies have left up the Fitting Kangaroo (yay!). It is crazy every where we go. And the energy is infectious. I have commenced, like a good little knitter, on my Olympic knitting and hope to have something to show you at…

little dudes.

We are getting a dog. We have been waiting for about a year but we are now Golden Retriever owners: Last night we were able to go see them. We had a chance to hold a couple of them and talk for a long time with our breeder, who has been amazing. The litter is…

Quiet. and solace.

After a hectic start to the January semester, we were able to get out of the city this past weekend to a gorgeous, quiet, reflective place. How I would love to be back in the mountains. It felt like home. I think we should go back … ~r.