little dudes.

We are getting a dog. We have been waiting for about a year but we are now Golden Retriever owners: Last night we were able to go see them. We had a chance to hold a couple of them and talk for a long time with our breeder, who has been amazing.


The litter is eleven puppies worth but one of these 4 little dudes is ours. There were 7 girls and 4 boys. The light boy second in from the right is Head Boy and will probably be kept for breeding, so we are thinking that one of the 3 darker ones is ours! FIDO commercial, here I come :)


Meet Head Girl. She’s the biggest girl in the litter (~4lbs now), gorgeous and smelled like puppy. Just lovely. They are 4 weeks old currently and we have an opportunity to visit again in 2 weeks. They come home in March, which is literally just around the corner! Time to puppy-proof :)


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  1. Oh – jealous! They look so cuddly.

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