a fixed Audrey.

This cardigan has taken a long time to write up and there are a myriad of reasons but namely it’s because I re-washed and blocked it before taking photos. I love this cardigan and I hope that it will see a lot of wear through the Spring and Summer months when you need something on your shoulders but not necessarily a heavy sweater or jacket. Audrey in Unst is a classic, cropped cardigan that is precious. I loved it the first time I saw it and thought, “Ooh. Now that’s nice.” I love Twist Collective, too, I might add – I love just about everything they publish and it can be hard to chose what you want to make!


Gudrun is a genius – the construction of this cardigan is beautiful. Don’t get me started on the short-row sleeves – whomever thought of that was/is a genius. I think that construction will be my new standby if I don’t want to seam in-set sleeves. Amazing. I did make some modifications, which were that, rather than the shaping being right next to the seam stitch along the sides, I placed these one stitch in to create a clean border along the edge (basically, P1, K1, K2tog, knit on). I liked this a little better. Also, I cast on a different stitch count and worked from there – it is still about +1 inch of ease that I was hoping to avoid because I was pretty certain that the yarn would create a slightly bulkier sweater than what I wanted. Onto that in a moment.


I had a little mishap in the knitting of the twisted rib, which I have written about on ravelry within my projects page and would rather not delve into it again here but I have to say that with my re-grafting in of new stitches across the back and right front, there is no difference, which is pretty amazing. The fix was literally seamless – the ribbing looks completely normal. Phew.


I used Knit Picks Telemark, which is a sport. It’s listed as having 24 stitches to 4 inches on 3.25-3.5mm needles. I had a tough time getting this gauge with 3.5mm – the yarn is more like a DK. Lovely to work with – the colour was amazing (I used Lichen) but it was slightly too thick to knit as a sport. I think part of this is my wrist problems and the tendonitis I have in my right 1st digit and thumb. I have a tough time doing twist rib for any length of time but that aside – I still think the yarn is gorgeous and will knit with it again, but for a DK pattern.


Before I finish gushing about this pattern (I am definitely going to make it again), I just wanted to touch on a couple of things. One. My favourite part of the cardigan is by far the lace – all the interesting construction that Gudrun incorporated aside. It is classic and effective and I heart it a lot.


Two. I have small shoulders although I am a 36” bust. I took out about an inch of the shoulder length but I think I actually needed to take out another inch because the cardigan is slightly too big in the shoulders – enough that it doesn’t sit quite right without continually pulling it down onto my bust. I think the shirt I am wearing here is going to become a favourite with this cardigan because the sleeves are puffy so Audrey sits right! Third. And Last. I can’t wait to knit this again. I enjoyed every moment, even the fixing part because it challenged me in a way that I needed, that showed me I have come a long way in my capability as a knitter. Sometimes we all need that.


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