finishing anxiety.

I have ended up with a bunch of unfinished projects this winter. I’m not sure if it’s my project ADD setting in again or if I just bit off more than I could chew. It’s probably a little of column A and a little of column B. I have ended up also working on multiple sweaters this winter, which has left me feeling a little burned out on large projects. I had bought some Marks & Katten Quick to knit this. I was super stocked about the pattern but the yarn is a little too thick so I am ripping it back and going to knit the EZ Garter Blanket instead. I think a break from sweater knitting is called for and the blanket is something I have been dying to knit for ages – also, I know I have enough yarn and it would be perfect since it’s acrylic. Go go machine washing! Especially with the dog now. Updates on Charlie? He has gained 4.2lbs, which is right on track for his 2lb weekly gain. He is settling into our little household very well and learning how to “Sit!” He is also learning about his voice although he doesn’t use it often.

SDC11146He has actually darkened a little since this photo was taken earlier in the week, which I love. I was hoping for a red retriever since I am a redhead, so I got my wish! FIDO commercials here I come! haha. Part of my anxiety about the unfinished projects is that I want to maximize my knitting time since we spend a lot of time with Charlie and school will continue to take up the majority of my spare time. Here are the unfinished projects (from least finished to almost!):

First. Selbu Modern I started during the Olympics and it was supposed to be my Ravelympics project. Since you end up with so many stitches while working fair isle, I quickly got frustrated with the 5 DPNs and a 6th to knit with. It was a little too much. Thankfully, we put in a Knit Picks order in our knitting group and I was able to sit back and wait for a 16” 2.75mm circ to arrive. It has come, so let the finishing begin!


Second. Citron was started for my Mom. She asked me to knit her a shawlette. This is also my first commission knitting – Mom bought the yarn and asked me to make it for her, which is really cool. She has also asked for 2 more for very close friends who always mention my knitting, so I will be working on those later in the spring.


Third. Stilwell. This project has been a bit of a slog. I’m not sure why because I was so excited to knit it but I have ended up feeling that it is hanging over me. I have one more underarm to graft and then ends to weave in, which I am hoping to work on this afternoon. I think part of the reason it has been a slog is because I have channelled everything I have been feeling about school this semester into this sweater. It has ended up being a love-hate sweater – it was meant to be the spring camping sweater since I usually get chilly but not enough that I need a long-sleeved heavy Aran sweater that I boil in. I was so looking forward to this project and I hope that by finishing it, washing and blocking it that I can glean some of that joy back out of it. I think I’ll be able to.

SDC11193Last. O w l s. I finished this sweater a long time ago. I thought I would wear it a lot and have not worn it once. The reason is that I don’t like the neck – it’s really hard to wear a t-shirt underneath and the Cascade Ecological is too scratchy for me to not wear something underneath (and a tank doesn’t really give me enough “protection” from the itch). Also, it is too warm to wear with a jacket since we live in such a mild climate. It really needs to be workable for an outer layer – on it’s own. So I am re-knitting that neck. I ripped back the ribbing at the top, re-knit in St st, decreased to 54 stitches and am knitting 10” of ribbing. I got the idea from here and was completely inspired to add the turtleneck. Thank you to aileenjo – you have saved this sweater! I am almost finished (I am going to work on it now) and I will take some updated owls photos when it has been re-washed and re-blocked.

SDC11194 I hate having this many unfinished projects since I have really been trying to finish one project at a time lately to continue to work through my stash. I have been procrastinating about starting Coraline, Manu and the Vine Yoke, all of which I have new, exciting yarn to work with (and in colours I have been dying to work with) because these projects have been hanging over me. I also want to finish my Mom’s February Lady Sweater, which is for her birthday but I am saving that until I am finished my final exam next month since I really don’t have the time or energy to engage in starting a project like a sweater that is for someone else – I have to recheck sizing and gauge before I start (I am not re-knitting that project – it’s once or none! haha). Her birthday is in July and I will be working on that through April and May.

Here’s to finishing what is already on the needles :)


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  1. I'm afraid I have nothing to say about your WIPs — I'm too in love with Charlie. :o)

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