citron. a fragrant fruit.

This shawlette is finished! Two projects on the 4 unfinished project list have been crossed off: OWLS was finished on the weekend (photos soon) and Citron was finished yesterday. It dried overnight (I love lace) and will be gifted to Mom tomorrow. It was my first commissioned project: She asked me to knit her a small shawlette that she could wear out in the spring and summer when she wanted “something for her shoulders.” Citron was born!


Citron is a cute, springy, light shawl that has a surprising amount of knitting in it. Like, a lot of knitting in it. Finishing each section comes with it a sense of accomplishment. I added on 2 extra rows to the ruffle and almost didn’t have enough to cast off with. I had 3cm of yarn left after weaving in the ends – not enough to fix it if something happens. BUT I was not about to rip back two rows and three-quarters of the cast off (over 1000 stitches) to fix it if it was going to be okay. <SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>This little shawl fits perfectly around ones neck as a handkerchief, which I love. It is also a great shawl around your shoulders since it is the perfect size:

<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>I soaked this overnight in room-temperature water with some Euckalan. I laid it out sopping wet on my blocking boards and pinned the garter edge into a straight line. Then I fluffed out the ruffle edge by gently pulling the shawl from the pinned garter edge. This gave me a great block – the St st between the ruffles is beautifully blocked (I have noticed some people are having trouble blocking this on ravelry). Also, the Malabrigo Lace fulled out beautifully as well (like Malabrigo always does – gorgeous!). I knit on 4.00mm needles and this was also the perfect gauge. It really is a great little pattern – thanks to Hilary Smith Callis.

One note about the cast-off: I used the lace cast-off which is K2, *pass stitches back to left needle and K2 through the back loops, K1, repeat from * until last 2 stitches, K2tog, pass stitches back to left needle and K2 through back loops, pull yarn through. It finishes off any lace or shawl pattern beautifully.


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