my STASH is stressing me out. seriously.

It’s interesting to me that there seems to be a fine line between a comfortable amount of yarn and a stash that has taken on a life of its own. I originally swore I would never ever have a stash. I have now managed to accumulate enough yarn that there is no doubt in my mind that I do indeed have a stash. And it’s stressing me out. So. What do I do about it? There is no point to continuing to feel that my stash is taking over our apartment and therefore causing me undue stress. I need to conquer it and re-gain control! Easier said then done but I am going to try.

Here is what I am proposing:

1. No more buying yarn. I’m not saying forever but I am saying no more for a while.

There is some background to this resolution. I had mentioned to my husband a while back that I didn’t like the idea of having a stash and that I wasn’t going to buy yarn for the sake of buying yarn – I would only buy yarn when I had a specific project in mind. This actually worked really well for me, so most of the yarn I have accumulated actually have specific projects that are assigned to them. Also, I have a “Knitting Budget” that I have been consistently going over the past few months. I was really consistent but I have noticed that my desire to accumulate yarn is increasing (which is directly related to the feeling I have that I don’t have enough time to knit – cough cough – school – cough cough). Therefore, I am declaring that unless it is yarn for someone else (aka a commissioned project since Mom has asked me to do a few things for her and I have yet to get the yarn), there will not be anymore yarn entering this apartment – starting now.

2. Stash organization time.

I did this back in September 2009 when I was trying to get organized but I have not done it recently. It is that time again. My reward to myself (I actually really love organizing my stash and tools and everything – I know, I’m a dork) is to spend the afternoon doing that on the day that I write my final exam for this-one-last-course-this-semester-that-doesn’t-seem-to-end. In organizing the stash, each project will be placed into a zip lock freezer bag or a Tupperware container that will be clearly labelled with the project name and yarn associated. Then I will really know how many projects I am actually planning, not just what I think I have planned (I think I have 5 planned but if I am really honest, I know it’s more like 15).

3. No. More. Gift. Knitting. For. This. Year.

Birthdays and Christmas will come and go this year and there will not be any gift knitting, other than the one project I have committed to, which is for Mom’s birthday in July. I will knit commissioned projects, because I committed to them prior to feeling stressed by how much knitting I have to do.

4. Finish my WIPs. One-by-one. Or rip out the yarn and make something else.

This is a bit harder since I have so many projects that are far enough along that they are really needing to be finished but I am not in love with them anymore. One is a lace shawl that was destined for greatness and honestly, I just completely burned out on it. I love the yarn (and beads, yes, there were beads) but I think I will find another shawl that I can hold the cobweb weight yarn double and knit up something truly beautiful.

5. Love fibre. This is just to remind myself that this is not a bad thing – it’s just a “pause and ponder” moment to look at my stash and say, “I really wanted to make that, so let’s.”

I think those are enough goals to keep me going for the rest of the year. I can’t believe that I have let myself buy as much as I have (I am usually able to restrain myself) but I think I just wasn’t paying attention. It got out of hand before I really realized. So. Here’s to a new beginning and a chance to redeem myself (my husband is a little dismayed at the amount of yarn in our apartment) and to finally casting on (and finishing) those projects I have been dying to make. I am now officially a stash-busting, no-yarn-buying, project-finishing knitter and spinner. Cheers!

By the way, this goes for my fibre too. No more until it’s spun and knit/woven up.


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  1. I'm hoping you'll allow yourself to buy tools that can help you knit up your stash…KnitPicks order time? :o)

  2. What a great idea. :)

  3. Hi! New to your blog as I found you through a project on Ravelry. I totally relating to your post. We just had a fibre festival here, and I managed to skip the yarn crawl (where all the stores have sales), and buy only one skein (super nice cashmere-silk blend) at the outdoor market. It's so hard to resist nice yarn sometimes, but I feel the same way as you. I have such nice stuff in my stash already that is just sitting around just waiting to be knit up. I don't want to become the type of person who buys yarn but never knits it!

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