In an effort to continue with my finishing streak, I bring you Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon Osborn. This was a great knit – fun, fast and enjoyable. I was just starting to get bogged down with the colourwork and then I was decreasing and it was finished. Great stuff :)


I made no modifications, no needle change, nothing. I just cast on and knit, following the pattern and instructions. It was quite relaxing – completely stress free knitting.


I have no complaints, only compliments! I love the subtle cast on edge, the perfect amount of ribbing, and the star crown.

Knit Picks Palette was used for this – again, it was part of my Christmas gift from husband. I used colours White (no. 9437) and Wallaby (no. 1170). I love these two together, especially since these are the two colours I wear most: grey, white and black. Boring, I know.


But effective. Especially in this particular knit! Prior to dunking this into it’s eucalan bath, I stretched it over a 10 inch dinner plate. This helped to keep it’s shape, while still getting a perfect block. I find trying to stretch wet fabric just makes everything worse.


I am significantly happier with this compared to my last project (as you can tell by the photos!) and am hoping this is a sign of more good things to come :)


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