those bold dandelions.

Another shawl to share with you! I am on a roll!

As those who know me will tell you, I love muted colours. I’m talking about really quiet neutrals that I know I will wear for a long time and love. That will coordinate with many things and that I will never “get sick of.” I was recently complimented about this quality of mine so not only did this yarn have me stepping outside my comfort zone, it has also opened up a new world of colour to me. The yarn was originally going to be knit into a sweater but I just wasn’t feeling it (it really was too bright to be a sweater – even though I am turning over a new leaf). I decided to rip it and re-knit the gorgeous lace weight into Ishbel {by Ysolda Teague}.


[Knit Picks Gloss Lace in Dandelion]

I love Ysolda’s designs and although Vine Yoke was not my favourite sweater, I will always by a huge fan of Ysolda’s ideas and creativity. Ishbel is no different.


I used 1.3 skeins of yarn for the smaller of the two sizes of shawl available in the pattern. Holding the yarn double, for the stockinette stitch (St st) portion of the shawl, I did Make 1 (M1) on either side of the center marker. When I got to the lace section I switched back to yarn-overs. I just really like the look of solid St st rather than YOs in the center of the section. This was something I wished I had done for the Travelling Woman shawl I made back in March (however, I have enough yarn to make a second Travelling Woman and plan on doing just what I did here).



I started knitting on 4.00mm circular needles but halfway through the St st section, I ripped it all out and started again on 4.5mm circulars. I’m not sure that 0.5mm makes a huge difference but it was enough to loosen up the St st a little and create a nicer drape. The 4.00mm created a tight St st section that I didn’t think would loosen when washed. Also, the 4.5mm knits an ever so slightly larger shawl.


Holding the lace weight double also gives the lace itself more structure. I like this effect over using a heavier yarn (such as a worsted) and it leaves the shawl light enough for breezy evenings in the summer but warm enough for cool Fall and Spring days. It’s the best best best of both worlds and now I have some colour in my life! Bravo!


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  1. I love this color on you! Great job with the modification on the center back too.

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