meet elijah.

This project sat in my unfinished objects drawer for the past 18 months. I know. It’s a long time. And it only took the better half of a day to finish him – why didn’t I finish him sooner? Oh well.

Please meet Elijah:


Another one of Ysolda’s ingenious patterns, Elijah is a great little toy since there is no seaming! 


Isn’t he just too cute? I love grey and red together so as it was getting close to finishing time this afternoon, I decided he needed a red scarf. I rooted through my stash, found some red Cascade 220 left over from my second Swallowtail that I knit a couple of years ago and I think the simple 7-stitch garter will keep him warm:

<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>One note about the yarn and gauge. Because I started this when I was not a particularly experienced knitter, I knew nothing of gauge when I started him. Therefore, the row gauge was wrong … very wrong. So he’s a little short – his trunk should be longer, as should his little body, arms and legs. BUT – I am glad I finished him.

<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>He’s knit in Mission Falls 136 Superwash Merino in colour 015. I used 3.00mm DPNs. More yarn gone from my stash!

I started knitting Elijah because my husband was working on “Project Elephant” at work and I wanted to give him a toy elephant at the end of the project. Two years later, the project was completed this past week. Although Elijah is a little late, I am still able to give it to him! Yay!


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