mountains and vineyards.

For the past 10 days, we drove through the Rocky Mountain trench, down the Columbia Valley (to Cranbrook), to the East (Creston) and across the Kootney Lake ferry to the West Kootneys (Nelson and down to Castlegar), and across and up to the Okanogan (Kelowna/Vernon). We both love British Columbia and this type of trip is our favourite, especially now that we get to enjoy it with our dog, Charlie.


So between his exploring and discovering, our awe of the views from our campsites, and many walks along beaches and lakes (as well as much eating!), you would think there wouldn’t be a lot of time for knitting, right?

IMG_7596 I thought so too, but no, we are both wrong. I have an almost finished Kerrera to show you as soon as the ends are woven in and it’s dry! A very good and dear friend helped me choose buttons for it yesterday, which are just lovely with the yarn:


I hope you’re enjoying the summer where you are as much as we are enjoying the summer here :)


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