traveling again.

This is a gift for a family friend who my parents are going to visit later this month. I had promised Mom that it would be finished before they left so that she could gift it to Nancy before they came home (mailing it after having been there would have been a little tacky!). And … it’s finished!


I don’t want to give it away. Is that wrong? I held the Knit Picks Gloss Lace double on 4.5mm needles and love the results. It’s a lot like Ishbel so I need to remember that when I am giving it to Mom on Sunday … but still. Who would have thought that a grey shawlette was exactly what I wanted?


The mind amazes me sometimes! I made a Traveling Woman (by Liz Abinante) back in the Spring for Mom but this one is a little different: As you can see, I did the same thing as Ishbel, the middle increases (also known as yarn-overs) are M1L and M1R. I just love this type of increase. While it’s not completely invisible, the middle stitch just looks so … perfect sitting there in the centre. Looking all centre-stitch-like. Love.


Mom chose “Sterling” as the colourway because she knows that the recipient wears a lot of black. Also, unbenounced to me, grey goes with everything and you automatically love it and want one when you put it on! Again … I am just flabbergasted. Anything leave you flabbergasted at the moment?

And yes, the yarn actually looks like different colours in different light. It’s just gorgeous.

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