pearls for Manu. and other inspirations.

Manu was un-zipped this morning. Although I kept a cool exterior while I was doing it, I was internally freaking out the whole way. I always worry when I am un-zipping a provisional cast-on that things are not going to go as planned. Of course, I worried for nothing and she is now being applied i-corded. Yippee!



I am hoping that I can get her pearls on this afternoon but the i-cord takes a while so we’ll see. Yes, she is getting pearls for buttons – she deserves it. I have been working on Kate Davies’ Manu since March 2010 – a very enjoyable but enduring knit. It was definitely a marathon (and she’s not even done yet) but that’s why I decided she needed pearls. They are a symbol of time, care and love, and a product of enduring creation. And they are lovely. Just lovely.


Also, thank you for all your feedback about Twin Leaves. I really appreciate it! I realized yesterday at Gibsons’ Fibre Festival that I have so many projects I would like to cast on for (3 sweaters and 1 half finished to be exact) that I am going to continue on with my other crafting and continue to mull over my ideas. Speaking of the Fibre Festival (which was awesome and I got to spend a whole day with my great friend, Plae), these absolutely beautiful BC-inspired Norwegian mittens were a part of the Juried Exhibit. The workmanship of these hand-dyed, hand-knitted garments is exquisite. Have a look:



The label (I know it’s small):

Hansa Mittens

Louise Todhunter

Garden Bay, BC

Acid kettle-dyed, blue is long colour repeat,

both yarns are merino wool

Dyeing and knitting

“Blending coastal colours with old world patterns.”




These mittens are why I love fibre festivals so much: They are utterly inspiring. I want to go dye and weave and spin and knit until I can’t anymore!

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  1. Those mittens are amazing! Inspirational, for sure.

  2. Love the colour of your Manu. Mine is just waiting to be worked on once I get a few test knits finished.

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