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I can’t believe it’s finished: Manu by Kate Davies is finished. I started this in March 2010 and have been working on it steadily since over the spring and summer. I even started bargaining with myself to knit an inch on the body after I worked a 50g ball on Kerrera. That meant I had 9 inches knit on the body by the time I finished – which also meant I was finished the body (I had previously knit 10inches)!


The yarn. Oh, the yarn. 11 balls of 50g Sandes Garn Alpakka in colour 6765 (teal). I have to admit, Sandes Garn is one of my favourite yarn companies – there is variety in the types of yarn; they produce tons of sport, DK and fingering weights (in lots of gorgeous colours); and they are real workhorse yarns. The yardage is generally very good so it results in affordable yarn because you don’t have to buy tons. I highly recommend this alpakka yarn – it washes well, it’s soft, and the colour. Wow. I was able to obtain gauge with 3mm. And the i-cord was knit on 4mm.





The sweater. Wow again.

The details are what make the sweater so pleasing - 

The i-cord around every edge which gives it such a professional finish.

The i-cord bound-off button band.

The garter edges finishing off the edges prior to the i-cord.

The buttons. Yes, I took the pearls off – these worked so much better.


The pleats. Oh, they are so perfect. I changed direction halfway through as others have done.


The pockets. Instead of the K1, M1 across to double the stitches, I knit K1, M1, * K2, M1, rpt from *, K1.


The short rows: Pure. Genius.

I used this link to learn about Japanese Short Rows:

Lastly, while I am pleased that this project is finished, I am sad since it was the most challenging project thus far and very enjoyable. I am looking forward to choosing some more projects that push my comfort zone. I hope you are pushing your comfort zone too :)

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  1. Wow! This is beautifully knitted and looks great on you!I haven't tried Sandes Garn before but now I'm definitely curious!

  2. Wozers this colour is amazing on you! I haven't tried Sandes Garn before but this colour is definitely drawing me in!!Beautiful!

  3. It's gorgeous, Rachel! Absolutely beautiful. :o)I'm gearing up for some comfort-zone pushing — again! Spring Leaves, attempt #2, starts on the first. :o)

  4. Lovely!!!! And the buttons are wonderful. I didn't see the pearls so I can't compare but those buttons do really seem to go well with the cardigan. Oh oh oh, you know what you should try? The Sound of Waves! Lots of yarnover and it's knit lengthwise so you'll have it by, well considering it's you, you'll have it by September. ;) Good job on Manu again. It's just wonderful.

  5. I have to admit I wasn't the biggest fan of this pattern when I first came across it, but this is spectacular! Makes me want to add it to my neverending queue…

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