Here at Casa de Welford things are a little ruffled. School started up again on Tuesday. Work has been quite busy as, on top of my regular position, I am orientating at a new centre – a big trauma ICU (yikes!). And, there remain unfinished projects from the summer.

In an effort to eliminate further ruffling and stress, I have been working on finishing projects that I have had on the needles for some time or through the summer. No casting on! There is a great sense of satisfaction in finishing projects when knitting time is seriously limited. I’m sure you would agree!

As I look towards the semester ahead, I look down at my knitting and realize I have a new fall cardigan almost off the needles:


It completely expresses how I feel about this Fall, and while I look forward to the months ahead, I also feel the sense of pressure and busy-ness mounting. So ruffles on a cardigan are just what this nurse has ordered!


I hope you are looking forward to your Fall also, whatever it holds :)

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  1. I love your blog. I've looked at hundreds and you seem to speak to my aesthetic. Thanks for being around! And I, too, started school, work full-time and have to finish…um…4 sweaters! Keep on truckin :-)

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