bright + beautiful + cute sweater.

A close friend of mine deserves a wonderful, colourful baby sweater knit out of yarn that she would probably never splurge on and buy for herself. Therefore, when trying to decide on a baby project for said close friend, it didn’t take me long to decide on Sweet Georgia – but which to choose? Enter Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted. For a new mom, knitter or not, superwash is the only way to go. Check. Slightly thicker gauge for a warm sweater. Check. But what colour? Well …

1. Boy or a girl? No idea.

2. Bright or muted? Bright … but unisex.

3. Yellow or green? … Why do we always chose one of those two colours when the sex is unknown? … How about neither. A dear friend said to me, “Purple. I put my nephews in purple.” Awesome!

4. Must have buttons. Therefore it must be a cardigan for ease of placing said new baby in said new baby sweater.

5. We live in the city that just hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. Like it or not, baby will be born in the year that we had this enormous event and it would be nice to … What’s that? Sweet Georgia had a colourway that was a limited edition dyed just for the Olympics in the Olympic colours since she’s from Vancouver too? And it’s really beautiful and bright? But not too green? Really? hmmm …



Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted in Wetcoast Winter.

Perfect for the February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman on 5.00mm needles and knit in an afternoon. A perfectly enjoyable knit. In Stockinette stitch, rather than the gull lace pattern.


With the cutest 18mm lime green buttons with white polka dots to match.


This little sweater took one skein of yarn – although it was cutting it very very close – and I have to say that I am really looking forward to knitting another February Baby Sweater. I think between the joy of working with the Sweet Georgia and the colourway (which I ended up really liking), this was one of the most enjoyable knits I have done in a long time.


Did I mention the lime green polka dot buttons? I mean really. Can you get any cuter?

Yup. With sewn on buttons:


This post was written back in August while we were waiting for Baby Jack to be born. I couldn’t post it until now because Trace didn’t have to sweater yet and then I forgot about posting with everything else going on! Hope everyone is having a happy Fall … we are, it’s just hectic :)


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