colour backlash.

I love neutrals … I love working with cream and beige … I love to focus on the fabric and texture rather than the colour … I think my tastes are changing.

Recently, thinking outside the box in terms of the knits I have been choosing to focus on has had me thinking about branching out and looking at alternatives when it comes to colour. Yellow. Rust. Teal.

They have been calling my name. Incessantly. “Come … knit with us … don’t be afraaaid…”

So what happens next?





And I love it.


Look, Ma! No GREY!

What happens when you put Noro Silk Garden Sock with a little hint of White Knit Picks Palette and allow the white, which is bright and bold, to fight against the colourful Noro?


Not just contrast, which in this knit I love, but also a bright cowl that reflects the light and leaves me feeling quite content.


The inspiration was a cowl I saw in Pacific Center in downtown Vancouver but it was grey and I just couldn’t stomach another grey knit (It can be so grey in Vancouver in the winter and I know I have to get outta that funk).

Also, I liked the idea of fingering/sock weight yarn since it doesn’t hover around –5 degrees for long here – you really just need something around your neck to take the chill of +5 degrees off.

The Pattern:

So on 3.00mm circs, I cast on 302 stitches and garter-stitched on! Every 3rd row, or 2nd “garter ridge” I added the Palette White. Knit until you almost run out of Noro Sock and cast off.

C’est bon! I love it. What chaos are you creating this Fall?


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  1. Looks great – I love the contrasting colours. I remember how grey Vancouver can be in the fall/ winter. This knit will brighten it up for sure!

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