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There have been a lot of things happening on this home-front that have kept me a little under the weather so when I was thinking about Christmas knitting, I was getting even more down: Really? I have to knit a bunch of gifts before December 25th and then wrap them and happily give them away?

When I caught myself thinking like this, I stopped myself and asked why I enjoy giving hand-knits for Christmas. Here are the reasons:

1. I love creating something a little extra special for my sister-in-law in Toronto since we don’t see her much and we miss her dearly.

2. Giving something handmade means that I chose the yarn, colours and pattern for the other person – they are “in” the project.

3. It’s not a burden to make things for the ones I love when it’s manageable and lovely.

How can I continue to enjoy holiday knitting without the stress attached?

I think the easiest thing to do is set some ground rules for going forward:

1. No sweaters. I’m not going to say never, but I think commission knitting for sweaters works best in my family.

2. Simple simple simple.

3. And quick.

So, for my sister-in-law in Toronto – where it snows entirely too much – I knit the simple Dolores Park Cowl by Parikha Mehta in Fleece Artist Big Merino. No I don’t like pink and no, it doesn’t look good on me – but for her, it will look stunning and gorgeous.



I added the flower out of the left overs. Again, very simple:

Cast on 20 stitches (leave 8” tail).
Knit one row (creates purl ridge on right side)
Knit one row.
Purl one row.

*Knit 1, make 1* repeat until last stitch, K1.

Purl one row.

*Knit 1, make 1* repeat until last stitch, K1.

Purl one row.
Cast off loosely.

Thread cast on tail through purl ridge and pull tight. Weave in ends. Add button to center. Add pin backing.


I hope your holiday knitting is coming along swimmingly (or knittingly, I should say)! Good luck and we are off to Toronto so talk to you … when we get back :)


p.s. Yes, the cowl really is this bright. We shot it in RAW format and then auto balanced – the photo is accurate in the colour!!!

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  1. Ground rules are a great idea! I caught myself in the middle of a panic this weekend. It suddenly dawned on me how many projects I have yet to make and how many weekends are left before the holidays.. I firmly believe homemade gifts are worth the stress though! Have a wonderful trip!

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