kaffe. socks. & poetry.

I started these over a year ago after finding the yarn at Dressew here in Vancouver for $1.99. All I had to do to finish them was graft the toe of one of the two socks. And they had been sitting in a zip lock like that – needles still in the toes – for over a year. I finished them yesterday while shaking my head and thinking I can’t believe I didn’t finish these a year ago.


But they are done now and I have been wearing them all day! The yarn is Regia Kaffe Fassett Design Line Sock in colour Mirage Fog 4252. I knit these on 2.5mm and cast on 60sts. I prefer 2.25mm knitted socks and 64sts but they are comfortable and I will wear them – Live and learn, yes?





ps. I wrote a poem about these socks … Do you want to hear it? Okay. It’s pretty nerdy though …

They are just socks oh

But I love them so.

Have you seen the purple grey and green show?

Did we mention the yellow?

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  1. I have a pair of socks just like this needing a toe. I think I had it finished but didn't sew the end in and it unravelled, I really should dig that out so I can wear them.Can't beat socks for $1.99!!

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