Looking back. Looking forward.

Happy New Years! I always dread the end of a year and the start of a new one since I usually feel that the year was a good one and I am not quite ready for it to be finished and past. 2010 was no different – I am not quite ready to say goodbye.

I do, however, enjoy taking the opportunity to reflect on the year of crafting and plan some loose goals for the year to come. I have been cruising through my “2010” folder on my hard drive where I keep all of my project photos organized by year and then alphabetically.

I have 39 project folders for 2010. Wow.

Not every one of the projects is finished – for example, Tea Leaves and Effortless are almost done – but I am pretty amazed at myself from a crafting perspective given the activity of the past year.

Just highlighting a couple of my favourites, which have helped me to identify some of the things I am hoping to focus on in the coming year include (alphabetically of course):

1. Audrey in Unst.


My first real sweater success. I wear it a lot.

2. EPS Seamless Striped Yoke.

Finished 7

From design to math to yarn choice, this was a huge milestone and confidence booster to create this sweater. I love it. I learned so much and I now have to confidence to put some of my ideas from 2010 into reality in 2011. So exciting – all because of this sweater.

3. Manu.


The most challenging sweater I have ever knit. And I love it. I wouldn’t change anything about it.

4. Old Penny [Forestry #11].


Cables. Great fit. Great designer. Love. Everything. About. This. Sweater. And some.

And lastly … my favourite knit this year that I love most of all . . .

5. Selbu Modern.


It was my first successful colourwork project and I wear it all the time. This has lead me to wanting to do a Fair Isle project in the early New Year . . . some gloves maybe . . .

Going through the folders I realized that I knit a lot of sweaters which is actually something new for 2011 – I would like to knit some smaller projects like socks, toques and gloves/mitts for some more manageable slightly less marathon-type projects. It was interesting to me that my favourite project this year was my Selbu but I think that’s myself trying to tell me something!

What was your favourite project from 2010? What are you planning going forward?

Many happy and healthy blessings for 2011 – I hope you find your knitting mojo throughout the year active and always questing … I am hoping my spinning mojo gets active again as well …


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  1. Paper Jelly was my first and without your Manu I would have never found out about Kate Davies! I can't believe you knit all of this in a year! It also seems like your EPS sweater has been around forever, only a year you say? Egawds. Can't wait to see what inspirations you knit up this year!

  2. I love your Manu soo much. That colour is perfection!I'm hoping to churn out lots of garments this year. I'd really like to add some variety to my wardrobe.Hope 2011 treats you well.

  3. Happy New Year! Wow – you knit so many great sweaters in 2010! I have the yarn set aside for an Audrey of my own – one of my knit-related goals for 2011!

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