Generally, I am pretty good about not going into a yarn shop and just buying anything. Generally, I have a project in mind. Usually, I go in with the pattern-in-hand and proceed to choose the yarn to knit said project.

I broke those rules yesterday. I saw a sample of Molly by Alana Dakos that I just absolutely fell in love with and immediately wanted to knit. It was sized in an Adult Small. But, oh. Wait. Yeah, no. It’s knit in cotton. I can walk away. I don’t really like it that much.

Then, from behind me, “Isn’t that neat yarn?”

“Umm, yeah. I love that pattern.” Secretly I’m thinking, No, it’s cotton. Cotton hurts my hands when knitting with it so I can’t.

“Yeah, it’s Possom.”

Wait. What? Possom? Like the animal?

I was sold. The yarn in discussion is Zealana’s Kiwi Lace Weight. The content of the yarn is 30% Organic Cotton, so I wasn’t wrong but the remaining 70% is 40% New Zealand Merino and 30% Possum. Weird! And completely lovely. I am really enjoying working with it and I can’t wait to work with it again – I would like to try some of their other yarns, actually. Some more information about Possum fibre can be found on Zealana’s website [I have directly linked Possum Attributes].

To make the striped version of Molly, I chose the colours Beach and Pounamu. I was very torn about colour choices but thankfully I had a very good friend helping me.


Although the pattern calls for DK, I am knitting it in the lace weight but on the same needles called for. It’s working out beautifully thus far. I will keep you posted!


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  1. ohhh stripey!They have some really good deals on zealana at elann. I was looking at an aran weight a few weeks ago!

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