Before we moved I cast on for Aidez by Cirilia Rose. It’s a gorgeous pattern but I read one of the charts wrong. Once I figured out that it was actually double moss stitch, I liked the single moss stitch better (by then I had half and half). But what to do? I had two different stitch patterns and I knew I would always see it in the future. The sweater would never be worn if I didn’t fix it … I took the plunge and ripped the section out:


Here’s the thing: Why leave something and not fix it when I know that while it’s fiddly to get it right, it eventually will be right? I hate ripping and re-knitting but I have done so much of it that, yes, I just take a deep breath, say a prayer and frogged.


All 20 rows.

But guess what happens when it’s fixed?


Happiness. That’s what :)

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  1. I just bought yarn for this sweater – Peruvia Quick in Fumar. A very special present for my sister I'm thinking. What yarn are you using? I love the colour! And I'm with you on ripping. I tend to feel better once I've fixed a mistake. No matter how far I have to go back…

  2. I swear we are knitting twins! Everything you knit I have in my queue waiting to be cast on.I've loved this pattern from the day it was released just haven't decided on yarn yet.You are a brave one ripping back just that section. I would have thought it would have been very loose when you picked the stitches back up but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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