For a while we have known that we were going to be getting a second dog, we just didn’t know when we would be able to take her home as ours. I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our little family:

charlie and charlie

Please meet Charlie-girl, to be known as Chuck (she’s on the right, Charlie [boy] is on the left). She was already named so we decided that rather than re-naming either/both of them, we would give her a perma-nickname (especially since she will be seeing her original owner (the breeder) all the time who will still call her Charlie – and, honestly? It suits her just as much as it suits our boy Charlie).

The cool thing about these two is that they are pretty much identical in personality and disposition. The draw-back to these two is that they are pretty much identical in personality and disposition! haha … I think that’s why their names suit them!!!

Chuck is Charlie’s Aunt – her mom is Charlie’s grandmother, which is very cool. She is 3 years old and, like Charlie (1 year old), takes after her mother (his grandmother). They are the same colour and size although she’s “fluffier” than he is – she’s a little bigger but part of that is he’s still growing. Like him, she’s always smiling! Although she has a huge tongue … :)

What can I say? We love ‘em!

Sorry for the crappy phone-photo – they will not stay still so I had to click a shot when I had treats in my hand! I hope you are enjoying your family as much as we are ;)


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  1. What a sweet pair! Congratulations on your new dog!

  2. ahhhh YAY! I bet Charlie boy is PUMPED!!!Speaking from one who has two dogs, two in much easier than one. They wrestle and chase each other all day and really keep each other company. Our two haven't been apart since the day they came to live with us.I hope Charlie girl's transitions well. Can't wait to see many photo's of the two!

  3. Oh they are SO smiley! :)

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