Last year we were able to get up into the mountains of the Upper Fraser Valley (north of Hope) for a serene get-a-way in the middle of winter. This year we decided to jump at a window of 5 days off for each of us and run away (more like sail away) to Vancouver Island’s most beautiful shoreline: Tofino. With world-renowned surf and gorgeous weather, we walked Long Beach for hours with the dogs, who tonight are finally tired out … just in time to go home tomorrow morning. This is Charlie-boy watching the surf in this afternoon’s sun:

photo (4)

For myself, getting away in the winter is a good mental break for me since I find that by about February 1st I am getting pretty sick of the rain and grey. I love the Vancouver rain but getting a change of scene really helps me to feel refreshed. Also, it’s great for getting bodies of Aidez sweaters done … but more on that later :)


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  1. Sounds lovely! What a nice vacay to be able to take the dogs too.

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