to a dear friend, with love.

A very close friend of mine needed a toque for the winter months in Toronto. She had seen one in the Maritimes that she loved but hadn’t bought it so was doing without a toque. If you’ve been watching the weather channel this past month, you will know that all across our dear country, there have been very cold temperatures everywhere. Right now in fact, it is snowing outside … in Vancouver … in February. What the ?*!& ?

In January, I ordered some yarn to make her a much needed and deserved toque. She had seen my Selbu when we were in Toronto in November and had commented on it, so I cast on as soon as the yarn arrived and finished it last week. We headed to Tofino for a week of relaxation and I mailed it from Nanaimo … it hasn’t arrived yet … so I can’t post this yet! If you are in fact reading this post, then she has received it … finally :)


It was freezing when we were taking these photos in a playground in Nanaimo but the sun … it was gorgeous.


Although these are far from the colours I would have chosen for myself, Sam is a dark brunette with large dark eyes so the Salsa Heather and Oyster combination will look amazing on her. I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern – I used the 2.00mm and 2.75mm circs called for to get gauge. That’s the beauty of knitting a pattern again – I knew exactly what to do!


I stretched it over on of our 10 inch Ikea dinner plates and dipped it into a warm soapy bath. Gently draining the water off, I left it on a towel to dry. Every evening I just flipped it over to allow it to dry on the bottom. I am really happy with this knit and I hope Sam will wear it and wear it and wear it .. and wear it and wear it and wear it …


ps. Isn’t the blue sky beautiful? I love Vancouver Island so much …

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  1. Looks fab! Agree those colours would look fab on a brunette.

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