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I was completely inspired to knit these when I saw ElsaLemon’s Delicious Knee Socks out of Noro Kureyon Sock in colour 217. Unfortunately, Kureyon Sock is being discontinued by Noro so it is becoming more and more difficult to find. A friend at work found two skeins online from Little Knits in Seattle, WA, which was great. I ordered the yarn and cast on right away. I have to put in a small plug for this store before I continue. Their online store/shipping was great – I ordered the yarn and up through the border it came without a hitch. It was shipped when they said it would be, and their emails were kind and professional. I will order from them again in the future. Anyway, these were worked on through out February as I slogged through school, shifts, unpacking and dreary weather. By the way, February is my least favourite month in the year.


I couldn’t be more happy with the results since the colours were a pleasure to knit with. The Kureyon stripes quickly enough to keep you interested in the changing colours, which is motivating and therefore knits up quickly. I have had trouble in the past with socks that wear threw at the heel so I have started knitting my socks on 2.25mm. This has been working really well although it does mean extra stitches and more knitting. This is fine by me as long as the finished object(s) last. I will keep you posted on how these wear.


The plan for these? They were always intended for camping. I get really cold in the evenings, especially when it’s been hot all day so even with the campfire going strong I always crave warm woolly socks. I think these might be perfect.


One comment about Noro. I didn’t have much trouble with the 2 balls that these socks took (I had minimal knots). My complaints would be that the joins within the ball are so poorly done. I was able to get the yarn 50% off since they were clearing it out so I wasn’t concerned that I needed to cut the ball up even more to get past some of the not-so-nice parts but as a knitter, I spend a lot of time on my crafting and I spend my hard-earned money on my yarns to have beautiful projects to work on and lovely finished objects. It’s frustrating that even when spending a certain amount on Noro, it never quite feels worthwhile. The colours are gorgeous and I am always drawn to Noro for that quality but more and more I am choosing other yarns when I know I will be fighting with the Noro ball and cutting out sections. What are your thoughts? Does knowing this problem exists still pull you over to the Noro corner or does it turn you off? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Fab if they don`t keep you warm I don`t know what will!I had no idea Noro was discontinuing their sock. I haven`t even tried it yet. It was the only Noro I was interested too.

  2. How fab are those! If they don`t keep you warm I don`t know what will. I`m sad that the yarn is being discontinued, I haven`t even got around to trying it yet. That was the only yarn that interests me in Noro`s line at the time being so I can`t say I`ll be buying from them for a while.

  3. The Noro Silk Garden Sock us continuing but I liked the colors in Kureyon the best. Oh well!!

  4. these are so great! you have me itching to knit some knee highs now.

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