One of those projects that you never feel you’ve made any progress on despite hours and hours of knitting time.

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  1. I wish I could feel it lol I love that yellow!!I found a hank of Kona Superwash today in my stash that I could possibly use but it looks very yellow during the day and not so yellow at night… i'm starting to wonder if my yellow walls are making it look not so white.

  2. That would be perfect even if it is slightly yellow since you are putting it w/blue, right? The yellow is Gaia Colours – she's an indie dyer from Victoria :)

  3. Well, when I saw you last you only had ONE yellow stripe! And now look at that there second stripe! But yes, I do have one of those projects on my needles too. And I totally didn't think the title of this was 'frock' at first and was rather impressed.

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