My future sister-in-law was thrown a bridal shower yesterday from us bridesmaids so I had saved showing this to you until after the event. I knit her a wedding shawl this isn’t for the wedding or anything, but something for her to remember this time by and to think of our family when she wears it out. Susan Dittrich’s Pinkerton Shawl fit the bill perfectly. Simple and elegant (and not too fussy for post-school/summer knitting!). Katy’s favourite colours include teal, sea-foam green and Tiffany’s blue.pinkerton 2

Since there’s an obvious pattern there, I chose Sweet Fiber Yarn’s Super Sweet Sock in Teal Feather. Perfect. I love Melissa’s yarns. She choses beautiful colours to work with and results are always fabulous.


Once I had the hang of the pattern, which was easy to memorize, I paid no attention to stitch counts or number of short rows worked … I just kept knitting until I felt it was time to move onto the lace. Again, I paid no attention to counting and cast off the lace when it looked big enough and I felt it was the right time. I didn’t want any leftover yarn from this project other than what I would give her for weaving if it is ever damaged so I just knit until the skein was gone!

pinkerton 3

The result is a perfectly sized shawl!

Prior to my saying goodnight to you all, I wanted to share a link with you:


I have mentioned our dogs in previous posts but after some reflection, I have decided to start a blog about the process of “training” Charlie, our male. Our trainer placed him and I together after seeing us interact (I had prior been working with Charlotte) and the journey since has been tumultuous, frustrating and fabulously rewarding. Following some research, as well as conversations with friends, I have decided to journal my experiences. It can be an incredible thing to have animals in our lives but learning to live alongside them when we speak such different languages can be difficult – this blog is dedicated to that experience. I hope I see some of you over there as well!

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  1. What a great pattern! I hadn't seen it before — I love your version. One of my favourite colours as well!

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