Only good things can be said about this jacket. Only good. There is nothing about this jacket I don’t like. Nothing. I absolutely love it.


Seaming it was challenging as I am still learning but I think it actually went okay – every time it gets a little better. The pocket and sleeve insets worked up over the course of a couple of evenings.


I couldn’t be happier with the finished pockets – no loose change falling through the bottom here! The finished I-Cord on the pockets gives the sweater a very polished look that not only suits the jacket, it also gives it a certain sophistication.


The collar is added after the shaping in the yoke is finished and cast off. I knit it to the intended length – I really make no modifications but I did want a button at the top of collar to fasten it around my neck in the winter. I added one more buttonhole when I did the I-Cord bind off down the fronts.


At Fibres West, I found these very cool coconut buttons which suit the jacket. I’m glad I saved them for this project. The fit? I could not be happier. When I tried it on for the first time, my husband was even impressed and he usually doesn’t pay much attention – mostly because he’s seen me working on something for so long he forgets which project is which and whether something is done or not.


This is the first time I have not only used the called-for yarn in a project but also the same colour as the designer. I fell in love with this jacket the moment Amy published it – which was sometime last year. Since I hadn’t learned how to seam yet, I kept putting it off and putting it off – but when I had the opportunity to buy the yarn 40% off at my LYS … there was no more excuse making.

I swatched that day, then got quite scared and put it aside for a while. I finally cast on in May and have just been quietly work on it since – between other projects. This took the pressure off for this to be perfect and it worked up beautifully – I could not be happier. I think it’s safe to say this is actually my favourite handknit ever :)

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  1. Wow! It's lovely – and I can see why you used the same colour as the designer. Looks beautifully finished as well! Seaming is definitely something I could do with more practice at…

  2. It's gorgeous, Rachel! Everything about it is beautiful. Seaming…totally freaks me out. I won't be attempting this for a while, but it's going in the queue anyway. :o)

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