Unfortunately, this past week has been filled with kleenex and decongestants as my body fights a particularly nasty cold that just won’t seem to go away. I am starting to feel a bit better but am completely winded after just making a bowl of cereal! You would think a lot of knitting would have been done but school work took precedence when I was feeling well enough to sit and do anything.


Allegheny was completed though! She sat on my dress form for a week while I stared at her thinking, Please wash out into something I love … please. A sweater dress is a difficult thing. It can add 10 pounds or be the most flattering thing ever. When I tried it on prior to blocking, I was so disappointed but after tacking down the belt, sewing on a small, flat button that wasn’t chunky (which I had originally done and immediately removed), I have to say … I’m pretty happy.


In total, I used 5.5 skeins of Cascade 220 Wool in colour 8509.  On 5mm needles, the size that was called for based on my slightly looser was the 35 3/4” bust but I decided to knit the 37 3/4” size instead and just kept trying it on during the raglan increases. I ended up with a 7” length raglan, then cast on about 8 extra stitches under each arm to get up to 36” for my bust size (I’m 34” but like a little room).


The cable was straight forward and progressed quickly. I made no modifications, although because I am not very tall, I knit the skirt 1 inch shorter after trying it on. I’m glad I did because it’s already stretched a little bit in length.

The pattern was written for Brooklyntweed’s Wool People Vol 1. If any of the other patterns in the volume are as well written as this one, then I would highly recommend these patterns. There’s no trickery – that’s for sure. Thea Colman has done a beautiful job with this dress. Gorgeous!

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  1. You're ADORABLE in it!! Making me excited to wear mine next weekend :-) Thanks for doing such a great job with my pattern, me

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