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My mom is a fabulous sewer but she’s been cleaning out her excess supply of sewing notions over the past few years. Occasionally, I get a ‘gift’ from her that was my grandmother’s (whom I never really knew) and I am always saving theses items for a ‘special’ project.

I will tell you more later, but I have not been overly ecstatic about a certain just-finished project. It is currently drying and blocking – I love certain elements of the sweater but overall … eh.

I do love the yarn. It is Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Sport in Spinel. Love. And it was wonderful to work with.

There isn’t much else I love about this project. So, I decided it was time to dig into my button & notion stash and see what I could come up with.


These have been sitting in my button stash forever. I decided maybe I could find some neat fabric to cover them with (I absolutely love fabric-covered buttons but have yet to make a sweater with them – weird, huh?).


Enter my most favourite fabric ever. It’s just a scrape left from some unfinished hot-mats I’ve been working on. This would help bring this sweater into love territory, yes?


This is the back with the instructions – I couldn’t bring myself to cut up the packaging as I would like to save it but nifty, huh? Guess how much this package of 5 stainless steel buttons cost?


$1.02 at The Bay in Winnipeg in who-knows-when :)

For those who’ve never made fabric-covered buttons, they are super simple:




Et viola:


Sweater photos next time.

ps. I realized after my post last time that I accidentally may have lead you to believe that Donegal is in Northern Ireland, the country, when I meant it was just in the north of Ireland compared to where the shop was that I bought the yarn from. Sorry for the mix up!

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  1. I've never made fabric-covered buttons before – you've inspired me! Yours really do give a neat finish to the mysterious button band. Looking forward to seeing the sweater pics!

  2. How special! I love that fabric- it looks great on the buttons.

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