It’s dry. It’s finished. I don’t love it but I like it. Now that I see the photos, I’m liking it a little more – it’s quite cute.


I wanted this to be a good pregnancy sweater for Spring and I think that is exactly what I got – so in that regard, I am relieved! You can see my bump (which is actually starting to grow finally) and I think as I get bigger, I will be happy for a sweater that buttons at the top but has flattering lines down the sides.


I have quite a few scarves I love with this blue – which is good since I wear a scarf everyday. I knit a size M (38”) but it is actually a 35” (so I ended up with an inch of negative ease). I was hoping for a slightly bigger, comfy cardigan but I think I knit this quite tight without meaning to. Lessons for next time! I lengthened it by 3” as well – I would even lengthen it a bit more. Say, 4.5” next time?


As I mentioned prior, I made my own fabric-covered buttons, which turned out really well. I love them with this cardigan. I backed them with little 1/4” clear buttons to give them more structure to hang – they were causing the sweater to pull down in the front.


The one thing I love about this cardigan and I would do again is the doubled collar. Very comfy and gives it the needed structure around the neck.



  • Added 3” length to body prior to picking up the ribbing band,
  • Knit it in St st instead of Reverse St st,
  • Added one Purl row prior to starting the cuff ribbing, and
  • 5 buttons instead of 4.

I hope this sees a lot of wear – I will let you know :)

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  1. So lovely! I love that blue yarn and I think the buttons go great with it!

  2. Hello baby!!It looks great! Probably a good thing that its not so big, then you can wear it after the little one arrives too :)

  3. Very very cute. Both the sweater and the baby bum.

  4. If this was one of my FOs, I swear I'd be doing one heck of a happy dance. Buttons look perfect, fit looks perfect, I can't imagine NOT being thrilled with this sweater! I looks fantastic on you.

  5. Love the colour! Looks perfect with your custom buttons as well.

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