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I really enjoy reading the Yarn Along(s) that others post on a regular basis. Since finishing my masters degree, actually having time to read and finding my love of reading slowly re-surfacing, I thought it was time to start joining in! Unfortunately, I am so far behind in my reading that I am playing catch up from the past 3 years. Oh well. I just finished The Help by Kathryn Stockette – Loved it. Can’t say enough good things. I did cry a couple of times towards the end (particularly the chapter in the church near to the end).

Currently, I am listening to The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood. I am on chapter …. 7ish?

I don’t have much to say about it just yet other than that I am really enjoying listening to it and I am very much enjoying the narrator.

While listening away, I am steadily working away on my epic cardigan/jacket that was bogging me down last week. I figured out why this was such a mental block for me to get finished: The sleeves are longer than normal (22”) and it’s seed stitch the whole way down. Ugh.

photo (5)

BUT, here I am at the cuff – of the second sleeve!

photo (4)

This is a little peak of the first sleeve – I added wrist warmers to the inside of the cuff. This is something I have wanted to add to a jacket-like cardigan for a while after seeing lilau’s sedum. I was inspired by the warm, cozy feel that wrist warmers add to a cardigan that is meant to be worn as a jacket. More on my addition when I have photos of the FO to show you.

ps. Did I mention it’s snowing here in Vancouver at this moment? Weird, huh …

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  1. I enjoyed reading THE HELP, too and found myself tearing up a few times. Such times those were. I've read a few of Margaret Atwood's books but have not heard of this one. Can't wait to hear a report on it. Don't you love multiplying our reading time by 'listening' to books?

  2. Yay! The wrist warmers are a nice touch, and an awesome idea. Enjoy the snow! It's feeling like spring in Toronto – strange switch!

  3. Seed stitch can slow you down! Love the idea of wrist warmers for a jacket-it will keep the cold air out!

  4. Congratulations on making it to the cuff of your second sleeve! I know you must be so excited!Snow? We were 83 today here in SC!

  5. I bet you were celebrating when you reached the second cuff. That's a whole lot of seed stitch.

  6. knittingintherockies, i couldn't agree with you more about optimizing reading time! I can't wait to show you all the finished jacket next post – it's drying right now – thank you for all the kind comments on it!

  7. Looks great! I'll bet your excited to have the lovely knit completed! I remember seeing Margaret Atwood speak in Chicago several years ago. I've not read this one – thanks for the rec.!

  8. oh my, seed stitch in two sleeves! the warmers are a good idea, and your knitting looks beautiful.

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