tushie wrappers.

I haven’t abandoned my knitting and turned this into a sewing blog – I promise! But here at Casa Del Welford, there has been a sweat-shop equivalent of sewing projects on the go lately. Surprisingly, I have actually accomplished quite a bit on my knitting, but that in another post. And it’s completely selfish knitting… Continue reading tushie wrappers.

cardigan · knitting · sweater

yellow affliction.

In an effort to escape from purling, seed stitch, colourwork, lace, and pretty much anything else that resembles any variation of the knit stitch, I decided to go back to my one true love for my next project: Garter Stitch. Garter stitch is a funny thing. When I first picked up knitting again, I thought… Continue reading yellow affliction.

cardigan · knitting

jacket of Inuit.

I was born in Northern British Columbia, where my parents had been transferred around for years due to their jobs at the time. Growing up, I remember their Cowichan sweaters, which were so warm that you really couldn’t wear them down in the Southern part of British Columbia at any time during the year. If… Continue reading jacket of Inuit.


garter autumn leaves.

I’m not really into cute things … honestly? I don’t actually like cute things. I appreciate them, but they just aren’t my cup of tea. However. I saw this. Then I saw this. Loved both but I didn’t see any notes from no2108’s version to modify Nikki’s pattern in a worsted weight and garter stitch.… Continue reading garter autumn leaves.