tiny tuna.

This is a very fast post to let you all know that James William was born on July 24 @ 1758hr, weighing 8lbs 8oz and measuring 55cm. The labour and delivery were excellent – I laboured with him for 9.5 hours and only had 28 minutes of active pushing. Thankfully, the damage was very minimal… Continue reading tiny tuna.



Before I post about this newest FO, I wanted to say thank you all so much for your feedback and ideas from my last post! You were all very helpful & I have decided to go with Atelier. After reading through your comments, I asked my mom (who’s not a knitter but is an artist)… Continue reading subtle.



This is my office currently: The kitchen table and an experiment with a new button band attachment. I’ve never done a seamed button band – I’ve always picked them up or knit them along with the sweater. I am excited to see how this turns out and whether I’ll like it. The tutorial is here,… Continue reading working.