winter swell.

Due to a few different things – namely running out of yarn and Tiny being born – this took a while to finish! I was stash busting and realized halfway through the first sleeve (after finishing the body) that I would not have enough yarn to finish. Tiny was born within a day or so of my realisation and of course, this sweater went onto the back burner … for good reason! haha I am glad it is finished now, though.

nanook - front buttoned

Pattern: Nanook by Heidi Kirrmair

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in 8401 Grey

Needles: 5.00mm circs

nanook - back

My favourite aspect of this sweater are the back yoke increases. They were interesting to work and the result is gorgeous.

A brilliant pattern by Heidi, the only modification I made was to separate for the sleeves 1.5” shy of the pattern. I did not want a lot of bulk underneath my winter jacket. I am glad I did this because I have small shoulders and it fits perfectly with this small modification.

nanook - front


I also lengthened the body slightly. Size M1 (36” bust) gives me a 0” ease fit but due to the garter, it’s more like +1-2” of ease, which is perfect. The buttons are handmade and wooden. M actually chose them – I think they are perfect on this cardigan.

nanook - unbuttoned 2

nanook - unbuttoned

This cardigan is also super cute unbuttoned – I have been wearing it mostly buttoned since the weather has cooled here substantially. It will also see lots of wear in the shoulder seasons though since it is cute unbuttoned!

nanook - side

Overall, it is a great fit. It was a great project. I would love to make it again in another colour. The Cascade was absolutely perfect for this sweater.

What great projects have you finished lately?

12 thoughts on “winter swell.

  1. It looks so good! Yours really makes me want to make one – I love the way you wear it. I've got 3(!!!) sweaters on needles right now though, I really need to finish those up!

  2. Gorgeous sweater Rachel. I love how you styled it :-) And the photos…oh those photos are great. I know how difficult is to model to a tripod while trying to hide the remote…You rock!

  3. Really cute! I love the i-cord edging. I'm thinking of subbing Cascade 220 for Lark in a different pattern, and I'm glad to hear you were happy with the substitution here.

  4. Thank you :) good luck finishing your sweaters! It gets stressful trying to finish things when there are multiple projects ongoing

  5. Sometimes, yes! But the one thing I like about it is that I usually finish them all up around the same time, so I have a flurry of finished projects! But it definitely can be stressful.

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