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Knit in less than a week, this will definitely be one of my favourite sweaters going forward. Simple but interesting construction to keep it a little spicy, this cardigan is surprisingly flattering. I have to admit, I was a little sceptical when I read peoples’ comments about how flattering this sweater was – I am… Continue reading wonder-pole.

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cloth diapering: results and ideas.

Thank you so much for all of your comments and questions on my last post – I have answered by posting another comment at the bottom of that post. We are continuing on with our smoothies throughout the day and upon finding more recipes, we are having great success!I have had questions about the cloth… Continue reading cloth diapering: results and ideas.



For something completely different, we have decided to try juicing. This has nothing to do with knitting or crafting or anything so I will understand if you stop reading now! I thought I would share some personal thoughts about my weight loss journey since tinytuna was born. Along with a friend of mine, we are… Continue reading additions.

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toques, toques … & more toques!

The majority of the Christmas knitting this year was of the toque variety. Everyone got a toque this year … it was a good exercise in stash busting. It was also nice to have items fly off the needles without hours and hours of commitment!  This actually isn’t the whole pile but I had to… Continue reading toques, toques … & more toques!

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Fourteen in Twelve.

Happy New Year! I hope the holidays have been wonderful thus far for you and your family/friends. We celebrated the new year in Tofino, our favourite place to go for quiet and restoration. Unfortunately, we had to cut the trip short and head home today (rather than Thursday) because tiny tuna came down with croup. He… Continue reading Fourteen in Twelve.