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handspun magic socks.

I thought this project would be a quick one … boy, was I wrong! After spinning up the fibre during Tour de Fleece, which I spoke and wrote about at length here, here and here so I will not repeat myself by writing about it again here, but I think I sort of burned out… Continue reading handspun magic socks.

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handspun central.

I seem to be spending the majority of my ‘free’ time right now on three things: Test knitting, knitting socks for my family, and spinning. If I’m totally honest, the majority of my ‘free’ time is spent spinning. This weekend, which I hope you are enjoying, I have two projects to show you. One was… Continue reading handspun central.

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in progress.

I have a couple of things I’m excited to share with you but … they aren’t quite ready to share. One of the projects I’ve been working on this week is almost complete – I’m just waiting for some decent weather to photograph Norah and James! In the meantime, I thought I would chat to… Continue reading in progress.

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I have a finished project! And a wrecked wrist! Yay! My wrist is not knitting or spinning related … although, let’s be honest: The knitting and spinning probably haven’t been helping it get better either. I have tendonitis in my dominant wrist (I’m right-handed). It’s lovingly referred to by my physiotherapist as “Mommy Thumb.” Anyone… Continue reading 42.

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exploration of colour.

Over the years, my mom has accompanied me on many trips to the yarn store, fibre festivals and other adventures to do with my knitting. Because of her background as an artist, I often will bounce ideas off of her about my projects. I am not an artist. I do not have a BFA (Bachelor… Continue reading exploration of colour.