the Canadian rockies.

One of our most favourite places to travel to – and full disclosure: we go as often as we can – is the Canadian Rockies. They are magnificent. In all honesty, we would love to be able to live in Jasper, Alberta, but the reality of that is not doable. We took our little trailer… Continue reading the Canadian rockies.

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more jacob.

Steadily, slowly and lovingly I have been working away on the Jacob from The Double Ewe in the UK. In an effort to enhance my woolen style spinning and work towards knitting a super warm sweater, I am spinning this with a long backwards draw. When I first taught myself to spin eons ago, this… Continue reading more jacob.

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everyone needs sparkle in their life. amiright?!

In keeping with this new theme of mine, which seems to be handspun central … everything fibre and spinning … I thought I would share with you my new project. I am hoping to finish this one during Spinzilla. Are you participating in Spinzilla?! I sure hope so! This started with Instagram. Someone had favourited… Continue reading everyone needs sparkle in their life. amiright?!

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the heat of summer.

We have been having some difficulty lately with the littlest Tuna not sleeping very well or for very long. She seems to settle for about 45 minutes to an hour for one, maybe two naps per day. At night, she sleeps for about 4 hours from midnight until sometime around 4am. We went through this… Continue reading the heat of summer.

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campside. a test knit.

Of the entire calendar year, I have a few months that are my favourite. August and September are two of them (June is my other favourite month). I love the autumnal changes that are so insidious that one day you wake up and think, “Wow. It’s Fall. How did that happen?!” It is also prime… Continue reading campside. a test knit.